Morning coffee with Ares

Really nice way to start a day!
So the story is: needed a challange for my paintings, so I came to my bro for that. He said he wants a painting of Ares god of war from Smite. I was quite happy with the task he gave me but I knew I need alot of sketching before the actual painting, cous I want it to be perfect for him. So this is the one I got into with more detiles, but im not sure I will take it and make it into an actual painting ... think I want something with more action in it, still thought it was nice enough to post. Hope you like it. I might take it to Photoshop just for fun as well ...

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Into painting

I havent posted in a while. This place was forgotten for a year probably. Took me a...Read more

New site finally on-line!

Happy to announce it finally is on-line! Pretty happy with new design, cause it...Read more

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Ares digital painting

So I took a sketch of Ares I did 2 days ago for my bro to...

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