Into painting

I havent posted in a while. This place was forgotten for a year probably. Took me a while to get all of it into a shape to be able to post again normally. In meanwile I gotten into acrylic painting, so needed to rearange the galleries, fix couple of things around and again put croatian langage online. Also have alot of new web designs that I still didnt have time to get to. Hopefully at some point in the next month ill do that and remove all the work Im not too proud of anymore.

Anyway galleries have been updated with acrylic paintings. One of which you can see on this picture, Little mermaid Ariel made for my daughter Nika. For the rest...

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New site finally on-line!

Happy to announce it finally is on-line! Pretty happy with new design, cause it...Read more

New website under construction

Im happy to announce how new web is beginning to take shape. This one served me well...Read more

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Resposnive version of web site

Decided to make responsive version of this side, altho its...

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